Received. Now help us to transform limits into opportunities, marketing into showcasing and your brand’s history into storytelling.


As the saying goes, “Every film only has three protagonists: the script, the script and the script.” Whether you see it at the cinema or in TV, on social networks or on your mobile, on closed circuit footage or via a hologram… Every great video always starts with a good script.


One day, will technology take the place of ideas? Perhaps. For now, it merely allows us to make great films without huge budgets, but with small troupes that think big.


If the material is right, it can work in any format: short, long, spot, series, viral, soap, news, cross, app and many more. Let’s not set any limits.

Venerdì CINEMA!

Founded by authors Mauro Calvone and Marco Rubiola, VenerdìCinema writes and produces videos, films, webseries and images. Lightweight and scalable, VenerdìCinema guarantees quality original productions, based on ideas. Because the magic of every video starts with its script.

Author, Director.

After graduating from a secondary school specialized in art, he went on to study architecture in Turin. Over the course of those years, in parallel to his studies, he was engaged in research activities in multiple disciplines, from design to graphics, from photography to film and video-art. His projects won him numerous prizes and awards.

From 1995 onwards, he worked in advertising and visual communication: as graphic designer and visualizer at DETAILS (1995 – 1998), Creative Director and photographer at Mark&Thing (1998 – 2009), Creative Director and Director for MCCP and Dottcom (2009 – 2015).

In 2014 he founded the “production studio” Venerdìcinema, for which he acts as author and director alongside Marco Rubiola.


He has created campaigns, advertising spots and photographs for clients such as ALPITOUR, SUZUKI, IVECO, LA STAMPA, AZIMUT HOLDING, JEEP, JUVENTUS, LACOSTE.

In 1991, with his first short film, L’UOMO DIVISO DALL’OMBRA (THE MAN SPLIT BY A SHADOW), he won the people’s choice award for best film at the 9th edition of the Turin International Festival of Young Cinema.

In 1993, he joined PROGETTO NETTUNO (PROJECT NEPTUNE) as director, the top Italian educational television program, on the air every evening on RAIDUE.

In 1994, with his documentary, TESTIMONE DI UN GIOCO DI SGUARDI (WITNESS TO A GAME OF LOOKS) he once again competed at the 12th edition of the Turin International Festival of Young Cinema. In 2001, with his spot for NOICOM – Telecomunicazioni dal Nord-Ovest, he won the 11th AD SPOT AWARD and participated at the Cannes international advertising contest.

From 2004 to 2007, he directed the in-flight entertainment format for the airline NEOSAIR, led by entertainer PAOLO BELLI.

In 2004, he made another short film on 35mm, L’ETA’ DEL FUOCO (THE AGE OF FIRE), with Renato Carpentieri and Massimo Poggio. Having won the Future Film Festival, the short film was successfully shown at major international festivals, winning many prizes and awards. Recently, it was purchased by one of the sector’s most important distribution companies, the London-based Britshorts, and is set to be shown across the world.

In 2005, he participated in the 51st Venice Contemporary Art Biennial with a series of videos created for the installation >CHROMOSOMA< (CHROMOSOME) by Enrico T. De Paris, one of the biggest names on the Italian art scene. The videos were later shown in public and private collections all over Europe.

In 2006, he wrote the screenplay for his first full length film, BOILER, which won the 2006 Solinas Award for best comedy screenplay.

Author, Director.

After graduating in economics and business, he studied creative script writing and narration at Turin’s Holden school and direction techniques with M. Frammartino – Cinelife, in Milan.

From 1998, he worked in advertising and visual communication: as strategic planner at DDB (2000-2004), copywriter/editor for Oliviero Toscani’s studio (2004-2008) and Creative Director and Director for Independent Ideas (2008-2013).

He works as a writer and creative pusher with Independent Ideas, Oliviero Toscani and So Simple, as well as running creative writing workshops for Turin’s Holden school.

In 2014, he founded the “production studio” Venerdìcinema, for which he acts as writer and director alongside Mauro Calvone.



He has written and/or directed TV spots and viral videos for international brands such as Fiat Panda, Fiat Punto Virgin, Fiat 500Diesel, Virgin Radio, Unicredit, Mibac, Caffè Vergnano, Rambloc, Sky Music Box, Levi’s, Jeep, Juventus.

He wrote and directed the mockumentary “Giravolti” (Twirls) (2003, SpazioTorino-TFF).

With Oliviero Toscani, he wrote the book “Homofobicus” (2006, Kaos edizioni), TV format “TVirus” (2007, Sky), the “Condizione Umana” (Human Condition) column (2007, GQ) and “Fatto in Italia” (Made in Italy) (2013, Il Fatto Quotidiano).

He wrote the “Smarketing” column with Lapo Elkann and Michele Boroni (2008, GQ).

He wrote and directed the short film “O’Rumeno” for Amnil (2008, Giffoni Award – 2014, Mercogliano Film Festival Award).

He co-wrote the advertising short film “L’ultima scena” (The last scene) (2009, Levi’s with Marco Ponti).

He collaborated on the dialogs for the film “Io la mia famiglia rom e Woody Allen” (Me, My Gypsy Family and Woody Allen) (2009, by Laura Hallovic).

Alongside Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini, he wrote and created the graphic novel “La Fabbrica delle Nuovole” (The Cloud Factory)  (2011,

For Independent Ideas, he wrote the viral series “Disconnect” (2007), the web-series “Billy the Budget e la famiglia Conti” (Billy the Budget and the Conti Family) (Unicredit, 2013) and “Pirlo the Wizard” (2014, Jeep-Juventus).